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Menice with Super Producer’s Mark Batson and Trevor Lawrence Jr

I recently made a trip to L.A. and had the pleasure of visiting with Trevor Lawrence, Jr (MariahCarey/50 Cent) and Mark Batson (Dr. Dre/Eminem).  I got a chance to get Mark Batson’s new book “Loaded.”  Let’s just say I am honored and excited to see how far this novel will go!  Mark say’s “it is a fictitious story.”  However, I think he will be surprised at how many people will relate to his book who come from the inner city and poverty that enter the military then become ‘ghost’s” in the private sector to further their careers. It is a phenomenal piece of work and I know the soundtrack is going to be just as live as the book! The illustrations make the story pop and come to life like a movie projecting off the paper. “Loaded” just screams creative genius. I expect it with Mr. Batson’s music, but he put me in awe with his authorship. I can’t wait to see “Loaded” transition from paper to the big screen!

Big thanks to MVPLoops, Donald Johnson, Nigel Williams and Trevor Lawrence, Jr. for allowing me into this circle of phenomenal musicians that brought the music industry to new heights and continue to do so. I enjoyed my meeting with Mark Batson and having a chance to sit down and talk music.

“Never stop fighting, and when you fight make sure it is for the purpose of achieving a greater goal.”- Menice



Mark Batson is an American record producer, arranger, and songwriter from Bushwick, Brooklyn, now based in Los Angeles.  As a co-writer and producer with Dr. Dre, he is responsible for Jay-Z‘s 2006 single “Lost One“, as well as tracks for Eminem50 CentGame and Snoop Dogg. As a co-writer with James Blunt, he is responsible for James Blunt‘s 2007 single 1973 (song). He has also worked with Dave Matthews Band,Alicia Keys,Anthony HamiltonNasMaroon 5Beyoncé, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals among others.

1Trevor Lawrence, Jr. is also an American record producer, arranger and songwriter now based in Los Angeles.  Trevor’s production credits include The McCrary’s (Loving Is Living/On The Other Side) , Harry Nilsson,  Eminem(Relapse, 3AM) and The Pointer Sisters.




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